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PC and peripheral users,
Hardware experts integrating the environmental dimension
2005 GinjFo

GinjFo is the first French site to combine hardware, high-tech and Green IT.

It offers a new look through news, tests and tutorials. The Internet is nowadays unavoidable and is accompanied by new uses that are changing the consumption and approach of information.
To respond to this reality, GinjFo offers its readers a rich editorial content through articles that are read and appreciated by people of all ages and backgrounds.

GinjFo was born out of a devouring passion for the PC world. It is a tool par excellence of creation, freedom, leisure, creation and opportunities, it is an incredible instrument of possibilities.
The world of Hardware is full of new developments to the point that its complexity requires helping enthusiasts.

We have been sharing our experience and knowledge for years through an increasingly loyal community. From this passion was born our profession. GinjFo is enriched every day with a unique, varied and appreciated editorial content. Recognized by the Ministry of Culture as an online press service, we continue our adventure with enthusiasm through tests, opinions and videos.

Present on major social networks, indexed by several large information portals, we are committed to delivering our opinions while offering the gaming community, enthusiasts or informed users the opportunity to discover trends and new products.
Our motto has never changed, it remains true to our beliefs and expectations, the future is never written.