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Hoth Bricks has become the leading French-language media for LEGO product news.

With an active community of fans who actively participate in the life of the site, Hoth Bricks currently gathers more than 300,000 unique visitors per month in search of information on the latest LEGO news, current rumours, current and upcoming exhibitions, good shopping tips on the internet and in specialised shops, etc…

Every day, LEGO fans, adults and teenagers alike, share their passion with other visitors with a wide range of profiles: parents looking for information or shopping advice, children who want to share their passion, geeks who want to learn about products derived from their favourite worlds, etc…

In addition to the main site, Hoth Bricks, a network of thematic blogs by range or universe has been set up. All blogs are based on the same model as the leading site, and are based on a wide variety of universes (DC Comics & Marvel with Brick Heroes, Jurassic World with Jurassic Bricks, The Simpsons with Springfield Bricks, The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit with Lord of the Brick) and deal exclusively with the latest LEGO derivatives in the relevant ranges.

These additional blogs allow fans of comic books or specific licenses to find out about the latest product news that interests them without necessarily having to consult the broader editorial content developed on Hoth Bricks.

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