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Computer enthusiasts, Gamers, Geeks, Overclockers Quarterly 60 000 ex. Hardware MAG

Smart & Com manages the advertising for the two titles published by Les Éditions de Jarawak: Hardware MAG and PC Update.

These two specialized magazines, aimed at IT and high-tech users, offer technical and documented content that is unanimously recognized by readers and IT professionals alike.

Hardware MAG and PC Update have been on newsstands since 2002 and clearly claim the quality of their content and editorial independence.

Every month, the main news of the IT and multimedia world is scrutinized by a team of editors who are all specialists in their chosen field.

In addition to current events, many dossiers deal in depth with a wide range of subjects that are constantly being updated. Each file is intended to be didactic, documented and illustrated to enable the reader to put into practice a precise technique, to better understand the latest technologies or to discover the innumerable possibilities of evolution offered by the world of computing and multimedia.

These two magazines are the preferred media for targeted and effective communication.

Hardware MAG and PC Update readers are both discerning consumers and prescribers in their personal and professional circles. Their opinions are heard and they influence the choices of their friends or colleagues.

In addition to their paper versions, Hardware MAG and PC Update also bring together a large community of enthusiasts on the dedicated facebook page. Exchanges are extended around the content of magazines and the visibility provided to advertisers is logically increased tenfold.

Finally, back and new issues are available online and advertising is not removed from the digital versions.

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